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Country trademark registration authorities

France's trademark department is the NATIONAL industrial property (INSTITUT DE LAPROPRIETE INTI: NATIONAL INEUSTRIELLE). It has its headquarters in Paris in outside, still in bordeaux, Lyon, marseille, Nancy, nice, and Strasbourg rennes have seven branches such cities. Accept the registration of a trademark is national industrial property and the department of commercial court around. Therefore, the trademark registration in France, there are two ways: one is the national industrial property trademark applicant to Paris (one of the seven branches or registration, Two is company is located to the commercial court (TRIBUNAL DE COMMERCE register). These two kinds of registration way which have the equal legal effect.
French trademark (France),
Application fee: RMB 15,000 (including the cost of government,
Official receipt need time: 4 weeks
Registered need time: 6-9 months
The required information: 1.the trademark owner's name and address. 2 should possess goods or services for the name (category). 3 samples of the trademarks to JPG file format the email.
Incidental expenses (including the bank charges and fees)

How to apply for registration of trademarks in France

A, the need to submit application documents
1 application form,
2, trademark design, specification for a 4-10 CM X 4 X 10 CM,
3 and application fee: $RMB15000

Second, the French trademark registration procedures

French national industrial property rights in the application for trademark registration after receipt of the trademark review will be in deciding whether to approve the registration.
Key review the following three ways:

1, the legitimacy of the trademark in the national industrial property rights: after receiving the application deadline for four months of the trademark review against the relevant provisions, if the text and graphics trademarks are suitable to as a trademark.

2, the legitimacy of the trademark review: the national industrial property in six weeks after receiving trademark application in this application, all that has been announced by the identical or similar trademarks registered company can all objections. The procedure is to fill in a "national industrial property registry" (against), ENREGISTIEMENT OPPOSITIONAL 'own reason and detailed instructions.

3 and the application form is correct: national industrial property if that does not conform to the above application for trademark by two standard, will refuse to approve the trademark. As a trademark application is rejected, the national industrial property to the appeal court (the applicant) COUR D "APPEL appeal, the national industrial property to reopen.

4 for trademark registration certificate, France, the date to national brand effect of industrial property or commercial court applications received, the effective date of the trademark office or business from receiving industry application to court.
5, France trademark protection: France trademark protection for 10 years. The latter can renewal expire.

Note: the French parliament in December 1991 through a trademark protection, the provisions of the trademark infringement revision prosecution legal prescription for 5 years, that is to say if a trademark registration by legal effect after 5 years, other companies in the trademark cannot again with his trademark infringement of their similar to Sue.

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